BCS Consulting Ltd. - team of highly qualified professionals

Project management and quality of building process are largely dependent on the experience and expertise of construction market. Today BCS Consulting Ltd. employees - a team of highly qualified specialists and engineers who are able to quickly solve the most complex problems and meet the rapidly growing needs of customers in construction services. All BCS Consulting Ltd. leading experts have gained many years experience working in NCC Group in leadership positions.

Ltd. "BCS Consulting" employees have a higher education in engineering specialty, more than half of employees annually improve their skills.

Staņislavs Vusiks

Phone: +371 29589443

E-mail: vusiks@bcsconsulting.lv

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Priit Toomingas

Phone: +371 98362449

E-mail: priit.toomingas@buveserviss.lv

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Vladlens Nikolajevs

Phone: +371 29376723

E-mail: nikolajevs@bcsconsulting.lv

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Gunnar Dudkin

Phone: +372 5014492

E-mail: gunnar.dudkin@gmail.com

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Dainis Mednis

Phone: +371 28302011

E-mail: mednis@bcsconsulting.lv

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Ivo Ernstons

Phone: +371 25968460

E-mail: ivo@bcsconsulting.lv

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Ingars Valeniks

Phone: +371 28342393

E-mail: ingars@bcsconsulting.lv

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Petro Olekshii

Phone: +371 29463910

E-mail: petro@bcsconsulting.lv

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Oleg Vladimirov

Phone: +371 29275913

E-mail: vladimirov.oleg@inbox.lv

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